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Twin Cities Heating & Air, features state of the art Minneapolis heating systems that will keep your home warm and on budget. We install highly efficient and quiet products so your heating system is always felt, but never heard. When your furnace breaks down and you're ready to replace, you need quality products that you will love and trust. Choose from our Lennox heating systems for a one-of-a-kind heating experience. Whether you're looking to repair an older system or upgrade to a new, we have just what you need.



The Lennox SLP98 provides the highest quality comfort for your home.  It has a variable speed blower motor that precisely controls your individualized comfort needs. 

The variable speed blower helps maintain even temperatures throughout every zone in your home.  It also helps the air quality in your home by allowing filters to capture more contaminates as well as help improve humidity control.  In addition, it can help with heating efficiency and electrical use AND be used with solar cells.

Call us today to set up an appointment to tell you more about this amazing product and give you a free estimate for your home.

 Minneapolis heating systems

Lennox G61V

Featuring a fully insulated cabinet - assuring quiet and reliant service. The Lennox G61 is a gas furnace that operates at multiple speeds to regulate air flow throughout your home. This furnace is Energy Star rated and is one of the highest quality models on the market.

 Minneapolis heating sytems

Lennox G71MPP1

Enjoy a premium heating experience backed by an energy efficient machine. The Lennox G71MPP1 features a variable capacity system which saves energy and is 9 times quieter than other competitive models. Combined with an ability to reduce energy costs, this furnace is a perfect fit for any home.