Gas Meter Safety Tips for Your Minneapolis Home

Photo by Adventure_Photo/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Adventure_Photo/iStock / Getty Images

Something people often overlook is snow and ice buildup on their natural gas meter. If snow and ice build-up, the pressure regulator vents can become blocked allowing increased pressure into your home.  When snow and ice fall from a roof it can cause a leak in the gas meter, which can start a fire. Allowing easy access will help utility workers and fire crew access to prevent tragedies.

Here are 6 ways to help keep you safe:

1.    Most importantly, if you smell natural gas, get everyone out of the house and call 9-1-1.

2.    Clear the area around your meter by hand or with a broom.

3.    Keep shovels and snow blowers away from the meter.

4.    Never hit the meter to remove ice.

5.    If the meter becomes encased in ice call your natural gas company and they can clear it.

6.    Keep your roof above the meter free of ice or snow. Falling ice and snow can damage the meter causing it to leak or malfunction.

Keeping your meter clear will also give emergency crews and your energy company access to work should a problem arise. .

Another important way to keep your home safe is to get a precision tune-up and safety check for your furnace.  Tune-ups help keep your furnace running efficiently and regular check-ups make sure that the gas pressure is correctly set on your furnace and there are no malfunctions that could be emitting deadly carbon monoxide gas into your home.

LeAnne Christensen